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Keep your property secure and safe with an electric gate Intercoms and other security features

To secure your property electric gates are becoming a popular choice. Being in control of who enters your property either on foot or in a vehicle gives the home owner the peace of mind where security is concerned. We can help you keep out unwelcome visitors or keep your beloved pets in.


We offer automation solutions for existing gates or can offer a complete gate design, build and install service as a comprehensive package. Call today for free quotes and friendly advice.

Keep your property secure and safe with an electric gate

Formula One Garage Doors of the Isle of Wight can provide further security solutions to complement your new garage door or electric gate system. You can see all these options at our showroom on the Wootton Business Park.


Intercoms allow you to speak to visitors to your home prior to allowing them access to your property. Ask our installation team about what would be best for your property, and we can provide a very competitive quote to suit your needs and budget.

Intercoms and other security features

Our automated garage door and gate solutions are electric! Get in touch with us to have your new door or gate fitted today

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